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CAM Candleholders

The CAM Candleholders are the first outcomes of a research that is focused on digital produce plaster mold for slipcasting. Floris building a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router that is programmable with cam software that generates tool paths. By adjusting different parameters it creates countless variati- ons and outcomes. This technique creates beautiful textures and patterns that are unique with this way of making the mold.

The candleholders are available in 3 different sizes. The small and medium candleholders will fit dinner candles. The large candleholder can be used for tea lights or dinner candles.

CAM Candleholders_18.jpg
CAM Candleholders_57.jpg
CAM Candleholders_42.jpg
CAM Candleholders_22 ps.jpg
CAM Candleholders_60.jpg
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