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Farm Fundamentals

Floris Meijer grew up at a dairy farm that has been in his family for generations. But along with many other livestock farmers in the Netherlands, they will need to stop with the dairy farm.. To raise awareness for this huge lifechanger and to ease the transition, Floris designed ‘Farm Fundamentals’: a continuously growing product line that translates the remnants of agricultural life into new everyday products.


A ceramic tableware set represents familiar tools and equipment: the milk storage tank is downscaled into a tea pot, the teat cups of the milking machine become mugs, and ear tags are reborn as pastry plates. 


In addition, the old farmhouse table and chairs are carefully wrapped in hay bale film, to preserve them for as long as possible.

Graduation Project

Design Academy Eindhoven 2022

grijs medium_FarmFundamentals_©FemkeReijer.jpg

photo ©Femke Reijer

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Preserved Furniture

Milk tableware ceramics series inspired on tools for the produce of milk

Hekwerkbank_09 kort.jpg


Also part of the graduation project is the Hekwerk series. Where inspiration is found in and around the lands of the farm. The Hekwerkbank is made out of steel tube, the ends of the steel tubes are pressed in a mold and welded to the frame. The steel is powder coated and protected against the elements.

L 140 x W 45 H 70 cm.



The chair is made from thermally modified poplar wood. This allows the wood to be protected by the elements. Together with the stainless steel bolts and nails  the chair doesn't require any maintenance.

wood supplier:

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