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CAM Lamps

The CAM Lamps are part of the CAM Series that started as a research that is focused on digital produce plaster mold for slip casting. Floris has built a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router that is programmable with CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software that generates tool paths. By adjusting different parameters it creates countless variati- ons and outcomes. This technique creates beautiful textures and patterns that are unique with this way of making the mold.

The CNC machine carfulley routed out each layer of the plaster mold. With high precision and a spinning router bit of 20.000 RPM you can trace back the carves of the router bit.

The lamps are made out of porcelain. When it's fired at a high temperature it makes the lamps translucent. And gives a mesmerizing effect in combination with the pattern of the lamp. 

The collection exists out of a hanging lamp and two different sizes of table lamps. The table lamps are fitted with a cork base that gives a soft and anti-slip surface.

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CAM lamp_2023_33.jpg
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