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NEW Glass Lux

In the winter of 2020 the first small spring flower vase was glass blown in the National Glasmuseum in Leerdam. The latest edition to the collection is the larger glass spring flower vase. That is designed for larger flower such as narcissus.

Floris Meijer_Luxje_03.jpg
Luxje 13.jpg


A small vase for small spring flowers such as snowdrop and crocus. Those flowers are the first sign of light after the dark winter days. The name Luxjes is inspired from Lux, a unit by which light is measured. To do justice to these small flowers, the vase can be tumbled. This movement is inspired from the wind that makes the flowers move.

Ceramic Minor, Design Academy Eindhoven, 2020 - 2021

Luxje 01.jpg
Gert Bullée 3.jpg

The glass Luxjes are produced by the National Glasmuseum in Leerdam.

Luxje 14.jpg
Luxje 02.jpg
Luxje 04.jpg

The porcelain Luxjes are produced by Floris

Luxje 17.jpg

The porcelain vases are fired at such a high temperature and that makes them translucent.


The National Glasmuseum in Leerdam and Studio Floris Meijer provided the christmas gift for Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021.


The Luxjes are on sale in mutable stores.

They can also be bought online.

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