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Restorative Dining

“A dinner set created for recovering people; in a dutch setting with typical dutch food.”

With our project we are challenging the new intimacy during the covid-19 period, making dining easier for people that are struggling from a recovery. Especially during this pandemic, where lots of people are affected by the results of the corona virus, we intentioned to create a dinner-set that is easier to use for the people that have a hard time moving their whole body. The set is adapted especially to the people that can eat with just one arm and/or struggle with moving the neck. Having a dinner during the pandemic while recovering; sometimes it can be though to have a heart-to-heart time. Our aim was to create circumstances that support the intimacy, the simple intimate moments that we might miss the most these days. We are both from the Netherlands, as a result we decided to focus the dinner on our culture. We created a dinner-set, matching a dutch five-course menu. Including all the necessary tableware to make the dinner as complete as possible.

A project in collaboration with Josha Veldheer, Ceramic Minor, 2020


Exhibition display 

Atelier NL, Eindhoven

01/02/2020 - 01/03/2021


Dutch Design Week 2020


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