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1st Design Prize Contemporanea association

"Il Primo Premio Design va ad una forma semplice, leggera e contemporanea che con una piccola spinta oscilla dando vita a un movimento circolare che crea un vortice nel vino, permettendo alla forma di ossigenare ed innalzare gli aromi" 

Marika Aakesson, Presidente Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, ADI Lazio


Walskaraf, 2021

For the design of the carafe I focused on the essential movements during wine drinking. I noticed that swirling (Walsen in Dutch) the wine is an important step when you taste the wine.

The carafe has a pointy bottom, by moving it around it can swirl the wine around and release the aromas. Due to the increasingly narrow top, the aromas remain well locked in, and are only released during the pouring of the wine.

The carafe is made of porcelain. Porcelain has the unique property that it can transmit light. By incorporating a light into the oak cap, you can see how much wine is left in the carafe.


The Walskaraf comes with two different oakwood caps, one dyed in red wine and the other one sealed with a natural lacquer.

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