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Punt Carafe

For this year's La Forma Del Vino (the shape of wine), Floris focused on the storing and wine pouring. Wine is traditionally stored in bottles and containers in a horizontal position. In order to keep the cork moist. As a dried out cork can cause seepage and premature ageing of the wine. The carafe has two flat sides where the carafe can rest on when you store the wine in the carafe. The tapered cork that can be pressed in the opening will make sure that there is a tight seal and no wine can spill out. The opening of the carafe is around 35 mm wide, this makes it easy to fill the carafe with wine.

Floris Meijer,Punt Carafe, standing and storing position, 01.jpg

The round shape of the carafe is carefully considered and shaped. The round form makes it friendly to touch. At the bottom there is a dimple. Inspired by bottoms of wine bottles. The technical term for the dimple is called “punt” in English. That's where the name of the carafe originates from. The “punt” of the carafe makes it easier to hold and pour wine with just using one hand. It also makes the Punt Carafe easier to pick it up from a table.

Materials and techniques:

Porcelain cast in a plaster mould, glazed on the inside, matte porcelain on the outside and turned and tapered cork.

Dimensions and weight:

14 x 14 x 20cm | 0.5 kg

Year: 2023

Floris Meijer,Punt Carafe, storing position, front view, 03.jpg
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